Ways to delete cookies information in Firefox


What is the requirement to remove cookies from computer?

Generally, cookies are used so that website can load fast along with all its features so that ity can help to develop the efficiency of internet. When the same site is again opened by the user then it helps to load the same site more quickly. In fact, there are some websites which generally use cookies to keep their personal information of the users but this can only be done when user will agree to that. After that the site will encrypt the personal information that is stored in cookies so that it can prevent from unapproved access.

Now when any user visits any unknown site which is harmful or the site is untrusted then becomes easy for hackers to get all the information that is stored in cookies and this can be a risk for any user. If by chance the hackers get all the information of your back account along with some other information, then they can easily use those details for some illegal activity. Therefore it is instructed that you should remove or delete any unnecessary or unwanted cookies which are not useful from your system so that you can prevent hackers from getting all your confidentail information.

Delete cookies for a single site

  • Hit on Tools menu which is available on the top of Firefox and then select options.
  • The select privacy panel
  • Now set Firefox option to use custome settings for history


  • After that hit on show cookies so that cookies window can appear


  • Then in the search field, type the name of the website whose cookies you want to delete
  • After that select the cookies from list which you want to delete and then hit on Remove cookies button


  • If you desire to choose all cookies from the list then choose the first cookie and then press Shift + End button together.
  • Hit on close button to close the cookies window

Ways to delete all cookies?

  • Hit on history menu available which is at the top of the Firefox window and after that select clear recent history
  • Now set the time range to clear option
  • Hit on arrow present which is next to the details so to enlarge the history item list
  • The choose cookies and also verify the other data are not selected which you want to keep aside


  • Now hit on Clear now button so that you can clean up all the cookies