Which type of antivirus should you choose?

difference between free and paid antivirus softwareProtecting your PC from a virus is very easy with security software. We have an expert advice on selecting the antivirus type for your PC’s protection.

Know the difference between “Default”, “Free” and “Premium” security software…..

For PC users, there are 3 main different types of antivirus solutions – default, free and premium on your operating system. Here we have provided some information on the types of antivirus which is right for you.

When it comes to protect your computer and the data stored in it you always want the best protection available. But with so many choices available, it is really confusing whether you must go with free antivirus protection or the paid security. Is your default security program that came with your system is enough for your PC protection?

Free Antivirus Program

Choosing Antivirus SoftwareFree Antivirus Program is exceptionally good. You may not need to buy security software. If you are having Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PCs then it comes equipped with certain security features installed on it. Otherwise, you can even download free antivirus software from internet which provides a good level of protection to your PC. But if you want better protection then you can get the paid internet security by using the combination of free antivirus downloads. You can use the free antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall programs to protect your PC or Mac without spending a single penny. Moreover, free antivirus software is usually for single PC use so you need to download, install and manage separate version for other computer.

Premium Antivirus Program

What you will get when you go from free to premium? Premium antivirus includes additional features while the free antivirus just doesn’t have those features. Premium version is for people who want complete coverage. As the cyber world is changing and a new threats is introduced daily and only the new premium feature has the ability to find new threat.

Premium features are great if you want complete protection for your PC. Go for premium version if you store your personal information on your system or do business work.


Default Security Software is the software which come default when you buy a new system, such as Windows. Windows Defender is the default product developed by Microsoft. Defender was introduced in 2006, after the launch of Windows 8. Windows Defender was a least effective product and received a score of 89.9% on protection.  Another thing to look for is your antivirus’ impact on system performance. You really don’t want an application which grabs your PC’s microprocessor and slows down your system. Unluckily the default software in Windows 10 has noteworthy impact on PC performance as compared to the free or premium version of security software.

Now that you know the difference between “Default”, “Free” and “Premium” security software. It is up to you which type of antivirus you need to use on your computer. Before you take a decision it is best to do your research to decide which security program suits you.