Top 5 Tips for Safe Chatting

tips for safe chatting

Are you addicted with online chatting? Do you chat every now and then and remain connected with internet all the time? If you do so then this security article is for you. There are many online predators out there that have become more skilled and have been learning new tricks and then they are using those bad things with people like you and us. Although, predators are not mostly targeting the online chatters, but it is good to know and important to apply caution to ensure that you too do not fall victim.

So, below find out top five safety tips for online chatting that you must keep in mind and also implement. However as individual the condition may differ and you may have to keep extra chat room safety tips in mind that is not mentioned here. Here we go:

#Safety Tips 1 – Secure Your Identity

Try to protect your Identity as much as possible. Try to avoid online ID that ask your real name and never provide any personal information while you chat as it can be used to identify or locate you. The information includes your name, photos of you, where you live such as state, city and your address, what school you go to.

#Safety Tips 2 – Do Not Trust Anyone

It is good and fine to chat with your friends online, but also keep in mind that people whom you are chatting are not who they say they are and therefore you must not meet personally with person who you only know online. Even if you know who someone is, always remember that predators are actually very good at making friends and shows friendly behavior but actually they are not and deceive kids.

#Safety Tips 3 – Use Secure Chat Rooms

You must always use secure chat rooms but then it is also not completely secure as they are monitored by moderator and therefore it will not stop some people to start some suitable conversations and messaging something bad which can make you feel uncomfortable. People those who use IM chats are also not 100% secure. You should not accept chat invitation from the people whom you do not know. Also keep in mind that you must never share user name and password of your accounts through which you do online chatting.

#Safety Tips 4 – Talk To Your Parents

It is the job of parents to talk to their children about what kind of chatting they do and what chatting rooms they use for chatting. The safest way is to allow your kids to chat with the people that both kids and parents know personally. Also you parents should educate their children to feel free and talk to them when chat becomes inappropriate and uncomfortable for them.

#Safety Tips 5 – Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Online predators like pedophiles are those people who are online and available in chat rooms and have become very clever. They chat with your kids to gain trust for several months and once they gain trust they begin to ask personal information and also ask to meet you in person. Take a note that unless and until you know the people personally with whom you are chatting with, you have no idea whether the person whom you are chatting is the one who he says he is.

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So, if you have kids and he/she is chatting with friends online then it is your job to safeguard and protect them from online predators. Parents should apply the above top five tips for safe chatting for their children.