The best five Firefox Extensions for Social Media

firefoxNowadays as internet is totally controlled by social media networks and so one always try to supervise his several profiles or distribute the content on several platforms. However visiting each website one after the other can be a boring but there are some addons which can be helpful and save time for users. Mentioned below are the five types of extensions which is used to boost your social media experience and it will help you to keep in touch with your friends and also share your content in few hits. Even these addons can be installed from the official Firefox addons site by hitting on “add to Firefox” button.

Five best extension for Social media


Generally Buffer is used to distribute the updates from any webpage that has connected profiles. In fact there are many websites which have already built in support for distributing. But you don’t like those sharing option then you can use Buffer extension for Firefox.

For sharing your content in Buffer, you need to sign up for a free account and then connect your social media profiles before using this plugin. After doing such process, you can easily share your content on several platforms just with a single hit. Only hit on the Buffer icon on browser panel when you want to share a page and after that you will see the options to schedule about the update for some time or share the content immediately.

Facebook Messenger Panel

Firefox Facebook messenger panel helps you to access your Facebook messages on your browser from any page and that too without opening Facebook. After seeing the extension icon on browser panel, you can easily see the online status of your friends and can begin with conversation and that too without leaving the experience of web surfing. Only you have to log in to your Facebook account and after that you can easily enjoy continous chatting with your friends.


Pinterest pin button

Pinterest is one of the easier ways to share your content as you have to only pin an image and after that it collects the entire images on a webpage and let you to pin anyone that you select to Pinterest. When you hit on Pinterest icon of any page, addon collects all the images and place them inside a panel in descending order and in according to the dimension of image and the show “Pin it” button when you take your mouse on the image. Only you have to hit on the button to pin it to Pinterest.


Rite tag

For every social media marketer, Rite Tag is one of the important extensions. This is used to view the hashtag analytics from the post editor and also provides and it offers visual feedback of the hashtags which you generally use in your updates. You have to install this exetnsion from developer’s site and after that you will see a purple tag which is at the top of your sharing tool that works immediately when you type.

Search in a Giphy


Search in a Giphy is a powerful engine which is used for animated gifs to your browser and also enables to find for and copy-shortened URLs of gifs of the use in several social media platforms in easy way. Even you can see the updated gifs every hour and also can make a custom search for any type of gif. With the help of Giphy, you can easily express yourself in some extra fun ways.