Ransomware – Should You Pay or Not?

should we pay for ransomware

There are lots of computer viruses hides inside your system. Cybercriminals and hackers steal your data quietly and in a stealth ways that got out of your way.

But there is also another kind of attacks out there that makes itself popular with their own purpose. In enters into your system network and takes your data, holding them for ransom. It is known as ransomware. And as per cybersecurity experts this kind of attack is getting more sophisticated.

Types of Ransomware:

There are actually two kinds of ransomware:

Ransomware that encrypts files – It just scrambles your data so that you can’t access or open them, but it leaves your system and application runs fine. This ransomware normally pop-up a windows notifying you to pay the ransom to get back your data.

Ransomware that locks your screen – It locks your computer and mobile devices, so that you can’t access your device, make calls run software or run tour anti-virus software. But yes you can get access to your device ones you pain the ransom.

However, the good news is that with the help of technical savvy person or help from the friend that has technical knowledge, it is typically possible to work out your ways and get through the lock screen without paying the penny.

But the bad news is that the attack of CryptoWall, CryptoLocker, TorrentLocker and TeslaCrypt, there isn’t any savvy way to get through the lock screen.

Honestly speaking, if you have not kept the backup of your files then you are stuck.  If the cybercrrooks has properly scrambled your data then the only way to get your files back is to pay them for the decryption key.

What to do?

So, the ultimate question left unanswered in the attack of ransomware, is, “Should you pay?”

Well, $300 to $600 is a typical price point that usually they ask for, and therefore it can be expensive.

But, you should also consider about what files is available such as your personal files, videos, your important documents, etc….how much they are important for you?

Whereas security experts and law enforcement says that “These are crooks! This is extortion! If you can possibly take it on the chin, we urge you NOT TO PAY!

But saying above lines are very easy, if it is not your data.

As mentioned above, the scrambling files ransomware, does not actually steal your data. The hackers do not have a copy of anything of yours, they only hold the decryption key that will help you to unlock the encrypted files on your PC.

Once, you pay the ransom, you can easily decrypt your files and removes the malware, but this will just motivate the crooks to come back again for more.

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So, Should you pay?

Well, it is obvious that we should not support any kind of criminality and hence we should not pay the ransom, even if you are in very difficult situation. Even the security experts also suggest to “Not to Pay”.

But, we are going to leave the general advice that, “It’s OK to pay, but it’s much better not to.

You must keep below mentioned tips:

  • If you are possibly able to avoid it then don’t pay, even if hampers your personal data.
  • Take precaution (i.e, keep backup of your files, keep updated antivirus and active, keep web and email filter option active, etc) to avoid the situation where you ever need to pay the ransom.

Points to Remember – The very best defense are to have backup of files and if you don’t have the backup then you are definitely going to lose your system.