Proven Ways to Make a Slow Computer Work Faster


It’s a common situation that almost everyone must have experienced when they buy a new computer or laptop. At first it runs very well and fast and it seems that your life has changed. But after sometime, the new PC is no more new and the things have changed. Actually what happened is that your system has become slow now and whenever you switch on your system, it does not respond as fast as it was at the beginning?

In a busy schedule nowadays, the use of PC or laptop is very much as everything seems to be stopped without it. It is important for everyone to do their task whether it is a company personnel or a student. But while doing any work, if the system does not perform well or works some kind of sluggishness then every task will be on hold and you work will not be completed on time. However all these situations should be solved and should make your system completely free of any type of burden so that the system can come back at its main condition. But to remove such situation, it is also important to recognize the source and should take special care of the system. However there are several factors responsible for slowness of computer like adware or spyware programs that gets installed into the system without any notification to user. So some essential steps should be taken so that your computer can perform better and all the stuffs can be removed.

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Follow the steps to make your system performance better

Move files away from your desktop

There are many user who just keep their data on the desktop and this common but this can slow your computer and you may even don’t know. Whatever you save on your desktop are represented by images and all these images along with the desktop images take some memory. So now when your desktop is full of images then you can think that some memory space is taken by your images and so your system is performing slowly. You should be sure that your desktop only contains the shortcuts of important programs and not some other files. By doing this, your computer performance will be increased and you can do your task easily. This is also one of the best way to make your system run faster.

Remove all temporary files

You might not know but your PC creates everyday lots of temporary files and these includes browser history, cache files or some other files which make your system completely helpful to run faster and smoothly. The temporary files were developed for good purpose but this would be better if windows have the ability to remove the temporary files by detecting them which is no longer used. But these things are not happened and some files left permanent, hence takes lots of space on hard drive making the performance of system slow. When your system’s hard drive becomes 85% full then it is obvious that it will become slow and can cause system error.

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Run Disk Clean-up


There are ways to clean your system such as windows built in tool that can provide you a complete clean system and also increase the speed of system. Using this tool helps you to search for unwanted files like program installers and after that eliminates them, hence creating space. The tool is known as “Disk Cleanup”. However to perform this process, hit on “Start” and then go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup

Scan the system and remove hard disk error

If there is error in hard disk then it can decrease the performance of system but one thing which is bad about it is that it does not show by themselves. You don’t know about such type of errors and as you are new so you have to fix the hard disk errors. There are several causes for such situation to occur like software corrupted, improper shutdown, files are corrupted, power cuts, human error or due to misuse of system.  Therefore you should prevent your system from any type of errors and make your system’s performance better by running a hard disk error scanner to remove them.


Run an Anti-virus or malware scanner regularly

Generally the system gets slowed down due to several reasons such as viruses, malware etc as they chew up most things which is of your use. Because of this not only your system will get slowed down but it damages the system also. And everything is happening at your back but you don’t have any knowledge about it. Therefore you should run a scanner and look for the threat. After successfully scanning your system, it will be given a huge boost and you can work on your computer in better way.

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Well, if you are still looking for making your system faster than all the above steps will surely help you to manage your files and your system will work without any problem. By following the above steps, you can make your system work fast as it was before and also note that the above methods will free up space on your computer and you can work freely without any issue.