How to Protect PC without Anti-Virus Software


As the entire world is in the rise of gadgets and internet, in the same time virus infection also increasing day by day. Whenever your system gets infected with harmful virus then several pop-ups are seen on the screen or even your system restarts on its own. This is really very much annoying as every time some or the other thing comes into the system and nothing can be done, in fact disturbance occurs while doing any particular work. However there are several ways to get rid of it and one of is Anti-virus program. But do anti-virus program works effectively? Some programs may cost you much and you may be in confusing what to do and how to protect your system? So here in this article you will get to know about how to protect your PC without using anti-virus program. This will help you to control your PC according to your wish and you don’t have to spend money.

Using anti-virus program seems a lots of harassment for many users and the reasons are different. They are costly, can make the system slow and in fact not easy to control. However the reasons might be several but one should not use anti-virus program to protect their system but can employ some of the ways to get rid of it.

How to protect system without anti-virus

Installing anti-virus software does not prevent your system from any type of malware attacks. This is because the software is not updated regularly. When the anti-virus software is out of date then it fails to protect from any kind of threat. One should also know how virus enters into the system. It can enter into the system while transferring of files or when some software is downloaded from internet. In general, malware spread into the system through internet and USB and these both are known as the main source of virus. However some of the steps which one should follow to protect their computer from virus.

  • While inserting USB device, it is instructed to disable autorun feature on system. It opens automatically when connected and malware gets the best chance to enter into it. If you don’t know then you can know search for the option to disable.
  • Internet is the other option for virus to enter into the system and is not an easy task to stop it from getting into the system. Therefore you should always download anything you wish to from trusted sites. This will help you from any type of unwanted program to install and if you download anything from torrent then virus is sure to attack.

However these two thing are the main culprit of your system infection and therefore one should take care of what they are doing to avoid virus attack. But what to do when already your computer is infected with harmful virus?


How to identify virus on your computer?

When your PC gets infected with harmful threat, then some or the other signs are seen through which the existence of malware is identified. Removing virus from PC without anti-virus software need a smart work to perform so that your files can be safe. One thing you should know that virus infects your system with your permission only but you don’t know and clicking on some unknown link activate them and silently start their work. Anti-virus software instantly identifies such type of malware and does not allow to access it. Similar to that only, you have to act to stop attacks on your system without anti-virus program. Well if you don’t know how to recognize virus on your computer then some of the tips are given below:

  • Many virus hides themselves on folder therefore you should go into the folder properties and click on show hidden files just to check hidden files in the folder.
  • If your system has any .exe file and it does not run after clicking then it is also a virus. It activates when it is clicked and does not run in front but run in background.
  • One thing you may notice is that virus have some unwanted names such as autorun.inf etc. So it becomes easy to detect such type of files and it can help you to remove virus easily.


Well the above mentioned paragraph states about what to do when malware attacks and how to keep your system safe without installing anti-virus program. This paragraph will surely help many of them to get rid of any type of malware infection and their system performance will also increase. Just be confident with what you are doing and make your system virus free completely.