Manage Data Usage and save Bandwidth Data on Google Chrome

save data google chrome

Nowadays Internet service providers are very much horrible. There are restrictive traffic speeds in between and having horrible customer service and bandwidth caps, there is no doubt that they are one of the bad companies to deal with. Due to this all these, Google is thinking to improve at least one among these things and that is – bandwidth limits.

Few times ago, Google has released data saver extension which can help to decrease the pain for those user who have bandwidth caps. This is a simple tool which doesn’t need any arrangement or adjustment to be started. After you install it, your browser compresses the entire websites automatically that you visit along with data that you pull.

Note: This extension is in beta, so issues there may be arise.

Save data on Google Chrome

save data

First install the data-saver extension and then begin to compress your web traffic without taking any time. There is no such arrangement to do, only you have to install and hit on the extension on your Chrome browser and after that select ‘turn on data saver’ (you can turn off when you don’t want compression).

extension compression

Note: You must know that the bandwidth compression means the websites; all the images will not be as good.

Other ways to save bandwidth

  1. Blocking Flash


Although, the Adobe’s Flash player being dead in the industry but still it is a large part of websites in 2015. Those who have limited bandwidth, for them flash assets can take a huge charge on data usage. If you are using the current version of Chrome then you can see that it already blocks Flash by default and this may be good for many users.

Then check the FlashControl. Instead of blocking everything there, this extension place you in control of what flash does. You can set the default behavior for it but at the same time it will also give you a white-list and black list. In fact this is far better than what Chrome browser does.

This is better because with the FlashControl white-list or black-list, you can easily tell about the websites which you don’t want the flash on and which you want. However this is more user-friendly rather than what Google offers, only you have to ‘hit to enable’.

  1. Blocking Advertisements


Blocking advertisements is a susceptible subject to talk about. Those who makes anything on web, they all depend on online advertisements to make income. Every websites depend on this and this is also an important conversation to have.

The ads occur in the websites generally slow down the websites and add large bandwidth and that bandwidth which you can save via blocking them. Therefore if you wish to save your important limited data then you should install an advertisement-blocking extension. After installing this, you can see decrease in the quantity of data which you are using.


The reality is that data caps are still a subject which is a kind of sad thing. Instead of working and improving the infrastructure, there are some Internet service providers who punish the paying customers. This is a regrettable fact but one or other have to solve this.