[Infographic] Top Cybersecurity Threats of 2017 and How To Avoid Them

Another year has passed out and we are in 2017. Let see what cyber criminals and hacker are looking through in this year. Last year we have seen that there was rise in ransomware and this year too we are going to see more number of ransomware. We are going to see that hackers are targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices – devices that are accessing internet. Phishing mails are still going to be on rise. Since there is very high growth in mobiles devices, we are going to see the increase vulnerability in mobile devices.

Cyber criminal will also look to hack home networks so that they can get access to their company networks, so make sure you are protecting your home network as well. In 2016, we have seen hacker have been using social media website to infect you and we are going to see more number of such cases in 2017 as well. So, increase your social media privacy and protection.

Well there are lots of things going to take place in the field of cyber criminal and hacking. Below find out what top cybersecurity threats of 2017 are and what you should do to avoid and protect yourself.