Identify Phising & Malware in Chrome by Safe Browsing feature

phishing warning

About malware and phishing

Malware is categorized as software which gets install on your computer automatically and that too without users consent. Designed especially to damage your system and disable all application and it also steals all your confidentail data and information from computer. Now as phishing attack is concerned, it takes place when you share your sensitive or confidential information with hackers. This is done by using fake websites or with the help of some unlawful offers.

How Safe Browsing work?

Generally safe browsing works in two types to secure your computer along with sensitive information from phishing and malware. In the first type, a list of sites downloaded by Google which have harmful applications or it has engaged in phishing and when the entered URL of the sites gets matched among the present list then your browser will get the contact with Google’s server so to make a decision for further information.

In the second way, it helps you by preventing you from the phishing attacks and it are also known as spear phishing. By doing this, if Google does not know the site then Chrome checks the content that is present on the website and if it finds that the content is doubtful then it warns the user.

Some of the phishing and malware alerts of Google Chrome

Message Meaning
Danger:Malware ahead Generally you will receive this message when any malware is found on the requested page
Reported phishing website ahead You will receive such message when your requested site is indulge in any of the phishing activity
Website ahead consists of malware If any malware is found on the website then you will receive such type of error message

How to disable malware and phishing alerts

  • Hit on Chrome menu on toolbar of browser and after that select settings
  • Then hit on Show advanced settings and place the privacy section
  • There, deselect enabling malware and phishing protection checkbox