How to check if extensions are slowing your browser down

google chrome

There are many users who have many extensions and applications along with some other installed but some disabled. Among them some are the defaults in Chrome but not sure how many. However extension and apps are of great fun but they can also be huge resources which can slow down your browser.

Well, if you find that your browser is working slowly then the first thing that you should do is you have to see the culprit or culprits are browser add-ons and extensions. Mentioned below is how to do that in Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer does not support extensions.


If you want to check how much memory your extensions are using in Chrome then it is easy. Only you have to hit on ‘hamburger’ menu icon in the upper right corner and then you have to select More tool> Task manager.

After that a new window will pop-up which shows all the current processes your browser is running. Although if you are well-known with the task-manager then this is almost the same thing but it is only for Chrome. In Chrome task manager window, hit on the memory heading which is at the top to solve all the browser’s running processes that is used by memory. Now you should search for some extensions towards the top where they are preceded by icon. Just note down the names of the biggest resource controls and after that try to disable them to see whether the browsers are running more smoothly or not. In fact there is nothing to worry as you can re-enable them whenever you want.

However to disable extension in Chrome, you have to go back to ‘hamburger’ and then select the settings and after that hit on extensions which is on the left hand column. Even you can alos type in “chrome: //extensions” in address bar.

To disable an extension, just un-click the check box that says Enabled.

So if you want to bother with all this then you can also try the extension, the extension manager which allows you disable extensions in few clicks.


Life is not an easy for the fans of Firefox as it looks like in Chrome as browser does not have task manager or some other way to monitor individual add-on usage. Therefore you have to experiment by activating and deactivating several add-ons.

However to get started, just type “about: addons” into the address bar, then press enter and after that hit on extensions in the left-hand navigation panel. Shutting down an extension is very simple as hitting the disable button for every add-on. Once you have disabled on the add-on, you may have to restart Firefox for change so that it can take effect.

Well if your browser is running faster after disabling an add-on then you have to reconsider just how the mission critical which the extra software is. Sometimes the extra functionality is worth a performance hit but a judgement call for each user who has to make their own.