How to Avoid a Virus While Browsing the Internet

safe browsing tips to avoid virus

No matter how much experience or careful you are at avoiding computer virus, most of the people get infected by virus in some point of time. Viruses have become common over the internet that is very difficult to get rid of forever, no matter how much good is your anti-virus application. And because of this you must always take good care to prevent virus from getting yourself infected with computer virus. By keeping few tips in your mind while browsing the internet you can lessen the chances from being infected your computer with virus.

When you visit any particular website and if you are not sure whether it is safe or not then you can check it online. Enter the URL of the website into Google search engine and it will display the search result whether it has been reported as “attack site” by anyone. If it is reported as attack site, then it is confirmed that viruses and malware reside on that specific website. It would be little difficult for checking the websites you visit, but it is a good practice that you must check it if you are getting a virus. McAfee’s website offers such kind of checking system that checks for potentially infected virus website.

When you download something from the net then make sure that you download the files that you want and not the virus. There are various website that place “Download” button as an advertisement that is to confuse users so that they can click on wrong button. Sometimes accidentally clicking on those ads will mistakenly download a file that you don’t want to. And if you are on any malicious website then you may end up downloading a virus on your PC. In order to avoid such download make sure you click on genuine “Download” button and avoid downloading virus.

You must always download the software from the official or from the source site. For Example – If you trying to download the free trial version of the latest video games, then don’t simply download the files from anywhere else but only from the official website. Many times cyber criminals distribute the virus by trapping the users into downloading a virus by duplicating the file name of specific game or software that they know that people will download. But, you can avoid such risk by ensuring that you are downloading the software or game from the legitimate sources.

Never try to download pirated movies, games or TV shows from the internet. However, you would excited to watch the latest movies for free, but by doing this you are not only breaking law and putting yourself into illegal activities but you are also offering virus to infect your computer. It is not only to do things in right and illegal way, but you have to dot in safer way as well. If you do illegal activities by downloading pirated movies and games then you would be sued for copyright infringement and your computer may get infected with a virus.

Never open e-mail or download e-mail attachments that you receive from unknown people. Many viruses can enter into your PC through these unwanted or spam emails. Even if you do not open and download the spam or unknown emails it can damage your PC, therefore it is recommended that you must delete those emails as quick as possible that you do not recognize and that requires you to download a file.


So, these are some of the things that you must keep in mind while you browse internet in order to avoid virus. However, this will not provide 100% security but yes it will give you some layer of protection that will help you in avoiding virus.