Google Chrome Color Enhancer for Color-Blind users

google-chromeAs like Facebook has an Empathy Lab where they can make things easier for the users with any type of physical disability, in the same way Google has also a team of engineers for some cause like reaching to those people living with disabilities and so each and everyone can take the benefits of web. And now the team of Google seems to be on a roll and the compnay hired as Chromium evangelist afetr it has released the news related to Google’s Chrome browser along with Chrome OS desktop projects in progress and has announced that color-blind can also now enjoy at the launch of new feature. This is so that they can provide better online experience for those who have color-blind; it can come in helpful way for anyone.

Nowadays, technology is all about to make our work simpler as we had before along with inspiring lives. However this has aimed the app developers at Google to design an app which is used for increasing the visibility of the objects with the help of Color Enhancer. It will be helpful for those who are suffering from visual impairment issue so to experience stress during browsing. By doing this will decrease their ability to utilize and also appreciate website design.

Google Chrome Color Enhancer extension

Google has come up with a new extension for its Chorme browser to beat the issue and to help to those users who have color blind so that they can get stress-free browsing experience. The extension is known as Color Enhancer which can be downloaded from Chrome webs store for free. This allows users to adjust the color on internet pages using a filter. This is a light in weight extension by Google Accessibility team and is a “customizable color filter which applies to all the webpages so that it can improve the color perception. Generally it helps the browser’s color to help the partial color blindness.


With the help of this add-on, those users who have color-blind problem are less likely to miss out the objects or the details of the page by increasing the visibility. This extension is being installed quietly runs in the background and also injects a SVGfeColorMatrix filter into the pages being browsed. After it is done, you will get an icon with three-colored balls which appear adjacent to the address bar. Juts hit on the enabled check box next to the extension.


Hence let’s know about the basic calibration process. This set up includes the selecting of a row of stars which is in colored boxes from a set of 3 rows first. You have to hit on the Color enhancer icon and after that hit on Setup in drop down menu. After that you will see three rows of colored stars from where you have to select the row which ahs the faintest stars as you see them.


At last, before you start, don’t forget to check the enable option where you can activate the color filter. Aftre it is done, users can easily adjust colors through slider and also can change the settings until all the stars in the row are visible