Get Email and Social Media Notifications From Tabs in Firefox

tab-notifier mainThere are some people that says multitasking harms more than it does good in your productivity but there are also some situations where you it is necessary to know about everything which happens in your screen, especially your browser. If you are one of them who open several tabs at one time and then jump from one tab to another then you can know how boring this process can be.

It does not matter you want to look a preview at your email or just want to check your Facebook for some new updates, multitasking is a necessary option. However you don’t have to work with your mouse by hitting back via your windows and tabs. If you use Firefox then you can install an add-on known as Tab Notifier. With the help of this notifier, you can get to know if there is any new activity from a webpage which includes social media apps and email. The notification that you get will be in the form of small rectangular pop-up box which appears in the right corner of your screen.

When you install the plugin, you will see the pop-up which occur as soon you have new activity on any of your open tabs. Remember that this application works for most webpages which includes websites and blogs and so if there is any new information added to the site then it will give you a notification as well.

For example, I have clicked on a YouTube video but it switched to different tab. Hence I got a pop-up of YouTube video currently playing on background.


As of from now, you can hit on little icon so that you can stop the notifications from the sites or hit on the little x mark to close the pop-up box. One more important thing to remember is that the add-on works even when you are using some other programs.


If you want to adjust the behavior of the add-on then you have to go to Firefox menu and then hit on Add-ons. There you have to select the options beside tab notifier where you can get the setting dialog box. The first known as default settings, there you can change the number in a while that appear in the pop-up boxes. The other settings should be left according to the notifications as it is designed.


In the second tab known as Exceptions consists of list of any single websites where you have changed the settings.


To apply this, simply hit right button anywhere on website’s page and then hit on “Configure tab notifier for site”. After that you can move forward and accordingly you can adjust the add-on’s functions only for that particular website.


The last tab, known as Notification windows is where you can adjust the appearances of the pop-up box and can change the animation speed along with some other properties of notifications.

However Tab Notifier is an instant process for anyone who wants to use multitask without using the steps. This process is not disturbing and it provides you with full freedom to either you want to switch from doing one thing to another or just want to carry forward. Tab Notifier may be considered as multitasking tool but it is very helpful without distracting.