Gateway for Hackers- Is Access System Control Weakest Link to Security System


You may be aware of the contactless card based access control systems as this were developed so that it can prevent your data from unknown visitors. But as soon it was developed, the attackers also developed the way to hijack the card based information so that it can fool the system and then the attackers or some other person can get the access the data by using their several ways like relay attacks, skimming and eavesdropping etc. Relay attacks allow the attacker to make a temporary clone of a token, hence letting to avail the benefits associated with it. Skimming appears when the attacker’s uses his reader to access information on victim’s RFID token without any knowledge and eavesdropping is an attack that appears when attackers restore the data which is sent at the time of transaction between legal reader and token. Using any of these three methods can relatively help any unknown person to access the data and information.

However it was more risky for the industry based because over-the-air protocol was used to link important data from card to an electronic access reader and this is also not secure nowadays because of its non-standard and obscure nature.  But nowadays there will no one who would accept that they have sent their usernames and password and neither will they accept such vulnerable important data. Nowadays you should know that ID harvesting is one of the profitable hacking method that has become famous. In such type of attacks, identifier is cloned and after that is re-transmitted through a small electronic device.

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But actually the situation has changed now and to get the details information from user, hackers are searching for some easy way where they can get the access to the data and physical assets along with the enterprise security system. First they begin with hardware that can allow access to the particular computers and after that those computers only provide access to target the internal internet.  In fact it was seen that there are many security manufacturers who don’t bother about their own security equipment. For example, IP wireless cameras in access control system are one of the desired targets of hackers and this helps to become backdoors.

How to protect card system from hacking


Well there are ways to prevent card system from hacking. There are some leading card reader manufacturers which offer security options. They provide higher security handshake or code between card and reader just to make sure that readers will only admit only those information which are specially coded credentials. In fact the same code will never be with another organization and so other organization don’t have the same reader/card combination. Now it will happen that only that much company’s reader will able to read their cards and no other organization’s card or tags will be read by users.

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However at manufacture, card, readers and tags are programmed with fake data detection solution. The valid ID algorithm tries to state by making sure about the integrity of all the sensitive access control data which is stored on tag or card. If the user has valid Id then readers can very easily scan the credentials access control data inconsistencies that may appear at the time of hacking or tampering of important data. In meanwhile if the hacking is identified then the reader reports it to access controller, thus analyzing it in question.

Don’t allow them to hack your system


Many of them don’t give space to hacking but they can become a serious threat which is never be thought. Nowadays, the biggest threat does not comes from any other place but from computer with internet connection. You should always be careful and don’t give any chance to hack your system otherwise all your credential will go off and everything will be lost. Keep in mind that the hackers are teenage boys who just give a try to enter into your system. If they get a chance to do it then they can really create a drastic situation for you and such type of hacking is called as “opportunistic hacking”.  After they get access to the system, they change the code and this can create a drastic situation.