FullSearching.com redirect – Top Ways to Uninstall it from Windows System!

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“Is your PC is infected with FullSearching.com redirect that warns from getting unauthorized access on your browser? Have you ever redirected to some other sites rather than where you want to go? Have you noticed unknown toolbar or component on your Internet browser? If your answers to all these questions are ‘YES‘, then the below step-by-step guide will help you to get rid of FullSearching.com redirect even you don’t have computer knowledge.”

FullSearching.com comes in the family of browser hijacker and is categorized as a malicious program. Such unwanted applications are bundled with that software that are available online for free. Once this program gets into your system, it would change the settings of the computer. You will also notice that the homepage as well as search engine of the browser – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera. And when you are browsing the web pages it would redirect you to dubious website or to FullSearching.com. Other similar unwanted programs are Search.searchwwf.com, Mystartpage4.ru Redirect and many more.

FullSearching.com redirect

How FullSearching.com redirect gets installed in your system?

The developer has designed the browser hijacker program only to fulfill their own needs. And they hide this program in that software that is available for free. So when the users download and installs the software, this malicious program also gets installed in the software and that too without users’ approval. It has also been seen that when you open any spam attachments or any attachments from unknown users may also pave way for such unwanted application to your computer. While browsing the internet, if you click on any pop up ads that appears on the screen can also infect your system with this malicious program. These are the most common scenarios how these unwanted programs get into your computer.

How to prevent FullSearching.com redirect from getting installed in your system?

The only way to prevent this unwanted program from getting installed in your system is by being cautious and careful. If you are installing any third party software, you have to be careful while going through the custom or advanced section; you have to un-check all those applications that are already installed in your computer including those applications that are not necessary. And during the installation process, if any pop up appears and recommends you to install it – simply ignore it. While browsing the internet, never click on any pop up advertisements, open any spam attachments or any mails from unknown users.

Signs that your system has been infected by FullSearching.com redirect!

The most common symptoms that your system has been infected by this unwanted program are that your homepage as well as search engine of your default browser would get changed. While browsing the internet, it would redirect you to other harmful web sites. Web page may get freeze and your computer would become slow and sluggish.


How to Remove FullSearching.com redirect from PC – Virus Removal Guide!

Step 1 – Uninstall FullSearching.com redirect using Control Panel!

Windows 8 & Windows 10

Windows Vista & Windows 7

Step 2 – Remove Malicious Add-ons or Extensions from browsers!

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Step 3 – Remove Malware using FullSearching.com redirect Removal Tool

Step 4 – Clean infected PC using CCleaner

Uninstall Suspicious Program from PC using Control Panel

To uninstall or remove malicious program from your computer through Control Panel visit the below given link that suits your PC’s operating system.

win8-logoIn Windows 8 & Windows 10

  • Point the arrow of the mouse to the upper-right corner of the Window and click on Search. (For touch screen user, they have to swipe the screen from the right edge and then click Search).
  • Type Control Panel in the search box and click or tap Control Panel->Uninstall a Program.
  • Choose the doubtful extension that get installed without your concern and click on Uninstall to remove it from Computer.

win7-logo In XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Click on the StartControl PanelUninstall a program/Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs for XP).
  • Choose the doubtful extension that doesn’t installed by you and click on Uninstall to get rid of it from PC (you may have to follow the uninstallation instructions).

Remove Suspicious Add-ons using Add-On Manager of Browsers (IE/Chrome/Firefox/Safari)

In order to get rid of add-ons from your Windows PC/laptop using add-on manager visit the below given link that suits your Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer (IE)

  • Launch Internet Explorer (IE), click on ToolsManage Add-ons.
  • Go to the Show section, choose All add-ons to see all the installed add-ons.
  • After click on the add-on that you want to turn off and click the Disable button present at the bottom right corner of the windows.
  • At last restart the browser to confirm that changes have taken effects.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Run Mozilla Firefox, click 3-bar icon present at the top right corner → Add-ons.
  • Under the Extension tab choose the add-on that you want to delete→ click Disable/Remove.
  • Now go to the Plugins tab → choose unwanted plugins → select Never Activate.
  • After completing above steps restart your browsers for changes to take effects.

In Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome → click 3-bar icon → More toolsExtensions
  • Now on suspicious add-ons uncheck Enabled box to disable the extension and click on Recycle Bin icon to delete the extension.
  • Restart browsers for changes to take effects.

win7-logo In Safari

  • Open Safari, click on Safari menuPreferences
  • Next click on the Extensions tab and choose the extension you want to uninstall.
  • Click the Uninstall button to remove the add-on.
  • Restart browser for changes to take effects.

Remove Malware using powerful FullSearching.com redirect Removal Tool

To remove complete traces of this malicious species, you need to download and install free to use FullSearching.com redirect Removal Tool by clicking the below given button.

FREE Download FullSearching.com redirect Removal Tool

This is a powerful anti-malware and anti-spyware application. With the help of this application you can easily remove rootkits usually used to install worms, toolbars, Trojans and other malware programs.

To know more about this powerful anti-malware program and its effective features read its complete review of Malware Removal Tool here and to read about its detailed installation guide, Read the Installation Instructions.

  • Step 1. Hit on the ‘Free download’ button and then save your file in hard drive.
  • Step 2. After you have saved the file, hit on it to run
  • Step 3. After that SpyHunter installer will be downloaded
  • Step 4. When SpyHunter is downloaded, run the setup file and follow the wizard to install SpyHunter
  • Step 5. After launching SpyHunter, do a system scan by hitting on “Scan Computer Now”.
  • Step 6. At last when the scanning is over, hit on “Fix threat” button to delete all the detected threats.

Use Ccleaner To Remove FullSearching.com redirect

To remove last traces of this malicious threat, you need to download and install your system with Ccleaner tool by clicking the below given button.

FREE Download CCleaner

CCleaner PC cleaner tool is especially designed to remove all types of junk or unnecessary files from Windows computer with ease. It is able to deal with broken shortcuts, temporary files and other Windows problems.

To get detail about this powerful and very effective tool read complete review of CCleaner and to know more about more about its installation instructions, you can read the Installation Guide

  • Click “Options” to continue. After it, click on “Settings.” From here you can access the basic options for the program. From here you can also select the type of deletion the application uses.
  • Click on “Cookies.” From here you can select what cookies to delete or not to delete on every execution of this cleaner.
  • Click on “Include.”
  • You can select or specify the folders for the cleaning process. Click on the “Add” to open a new window to add information about the folders that you want to add to CCleaner’s scan of your computer.
  • Click on “Exclude.”
  • This tool also allows you to exclude a folder from CCleaner’s scans. By the help of “Exclude” options you can do this task. Simply Click on the “Add” and enter the necessary information and click “OK”
  • Click on “Advanced.”
  • Under this option CCleaner contains some advanced options, from here you can restore CCleaner to its default settings. Uninstall Unnecessary applications:
  • Click on the “Tools” present in the left of the Window. You will see the entire program that installed into your PC. You can remove or uninstall any software from here without going through the Control Panel. This can also allows you to delete entries and avoid ever uninstall certain applications as well as change the name of programs in this area. Click on “Startup.”
  • From here you can enable, disable and remove processes from booting up with the computer. Click “Cleaner”
  • To get the main feature of this application click on the ‘cleaner’ present in the left hand side
  • After it click on the “Analyze”
  • After the completion of analyzing click on the “Run Cleaner” to start the cleaning process.

How to avoid your system from future attacks?

Usually FullSearching.com redirect comes bundled with freeware downloads. After installation of freeware, the default homepage and search engine of web browsers is changed. Thereafter, it copies its file(s) to your hard disk and then it disables all application and after that nothing goes on your way. However, there are some prevention ways that are mentioned below.

moz Internet Explorer

How to activate SmartScreen Filter

Steps :

  • First open Internet Explorer
  • On top menu, select tool if you are using IE 9 and if you are using IE 8, then look for safety menu
  • After that select SmartScreen Filter and hit on ‘Turn on SmartScreen Filter’
  • At last restart Internet Explorer


  • This option detects suspicious web pages and warns you about that.
  • It also checks the files that you download from the list of reported malicious files and report you when any such found.

moz Google Chrome

Steps :

  • First open Google Chrome
  • Hit on Customize and control Google Chrome 3 bar icons located on the right corner of browser
  • After that select settings from drop-down list
  • On the setting page, hit on Show advanced settings which is at the bottom of page
  • Then locate privacy section and mark ‘Enable phishing and malware protection’
  • At last restart Google Chrome while new settings will keep your browser safe during surfing internet


  • Safe browsing features help you in protecting from harmful sites because Google maintains the list of sites which can afterward out you in risk.
  • Google examine the content of any website and warns you when it finds dangerous content.

moz Mozilla Firefox

Steps :

  • First open Mozilla Firefox
  • Hit on tools located on top menu and then select options from the list
  • After that select Security and mark on the mentioned below items
  • Block out web forgeries
  • Block the reported attack sites


  • Warns before malicious malware tries to infect your system.

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