Fix issues when sites report cookies are disabled or blocked

firefoxComputer cookies are identified as browser cookies or as monitoring cookies. These are located in browser directories as they are small and encrypted as text files. This is used as it helps users to find the way for their websites effectively and to execute definite functions. However if users disable cookies then they can easily protect from using certain websites. Generally cookies are created when users loads a particular website on browser. The text file is created when the information is sent to the browser by website.

When users browse then they return to the similar site every time and it restores where browser gets back and therefore the files is send to the website’s server. The cookies are not only created by users browsing but also created by several other sites that are running on the page. As the widgets and some other elements are regulated by these cookies, the below mentioned steps will fix your issues when the site report cookies that are blocked or disabled.

How to check cookies settings?

There are ways if you don’t want to accept cookies. To turn on cookies, just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • At the top of Firefox, you have to hit on Tools and after that select option
  • After that select Privacy panel
  • In Firewall Will, select use custom settings for history


  • Then assure that Accept cookie from sites is tick marked
  • At last make sure that “Accept third-party cookies” is also ticked marked

When the third parties cookies are disabled then can origin issues with few websites. Therefore enable the setting so that you can fix the issue.

  1. After that hit on Exceptions
  2. Also you should make sure the site that you are trying for access is not listed

When it is listed then hit on the entry and after that hit on Remove site

  1. Now to close the option window, hit on OK

How to clear the history for the site?

However you can come across the issue because of cookies along with temporary data that is stored on your system, therefore you should erase them and after that ensure the issues

  • On Firefox window, hit on History menu and then to open the library window, select show all history
  • After that type the name of the site which you want to erase in the search history that is located on the right corner and then hit on enter button
  • Now on the search results, right hit on the site that you wish to delete and after that select Forget about this site

By following all the above steps, you can easily delete all the history items such as active logins, cookies, pop-ups, passwords etc.


  • At end, close the library window

How to clear all cookies and cache?

Now when you erase the cookies for site, if you come across again such type of issue then you have to clear the cache of Firefox along with cookies that is being stored on system.

  • At the Firefox window, hit on tools and then select clear recent history
  • Now to remove Time range, go down and choose the whole thing
  • Now hit on the arrow next to details option so that the item lists can be cleared which is displayed.
  • After that select both cookies and cache
  • At last, hit on clear now option