How to fight off with Computer Virus


Every year several warnings messages appears on emails about scams and phishing attacks and it is common to hear. Several harmful malwares are developed daily wise by cyber criminals just to infect computer system of user without their knowledge. Because of this, users avoid to open any spam email attachments which is send from unknown people. In fact there are several ways to avoid from any malware attacks like enabling firewall which keep users aware of some infection along with some other best ways to protect system.

How to deal with when infected with virus?

It happens many time that though taking care of your system, you are get infected. Malware developers are far away from your reach and somehow they make way to enter into the system. In fact the makers of malwares know everything about how to enter into the system and after that they apply several tricks which blow up on your computer and make your system totally mess with harmful infection and a big threat to your life. Well if your computer has become slow or when programs gets launched unexpectedly then it is very important to protect your computer so that further damage cannot happen. However sometimes it happens that your system is not infected with malware but still it does not work properly. In that case you can follow the steps which can make your computer totally free of any type of virus.


First do an online scan

If your system does not respond well then you can use Microsoft’s security scanner which very easily search and remove any type of malware from system.

Remove your system from internet

virusWhen your system is infected with harmful virus then you may don’t know how harmful it is and what it can do to your system. You might have important data stored on your PC and it may steal all those confidential data, therefore you should be careful and turn off your internet connection. The best way to do this is to physically disconnect your phone line or cable and you can also disable network connection simply.

Backup all your essential data

One thing which you can do is to create a backup of your all important data and keep them in safe place. Though those files might be infected but that can be handled later on. But to deal with infection now, you should backup all your essential files in secure place.

Reinstall operating system

Whatever operating system you have on your computer, if you are facing any issue with that then you can reinstall the system and for guidance, you can use the disks or USB stick you have got when you bought your computer. Never try your friends operating system disk because it might don’t work on your system.

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Important tips to remember

Well one can take several steps to prevent their system from future attacks. Some of them are mentioned which can help users.

  • Never follow unsolicited links
  • Use an internet firewall
  • Don’t open any unsolicited attachments that you receive on email
  • Always update your web browsers
  • Try to maintain updated anti-virus software