Facebook Messenger added End-To-End Encryption: Here How To Enable It

Facebook has added End-To-End Encryption feature for its Facebook Messenger, thereby making its user’s conversations more secure and completely private.


Facebook is making your messages more secure by introducing its end-to-end encryption within messenger. This feature already got started to roll out with the main encryption update of Facebook-owned WhatsApp in April, 2016. However, facebook didn’t begin the trial till July. But now it is available to all 1 billion users but still it is not available for everyone.

What is End-To-End Encryption?

End-To-End-Encryption means that your messages are encrypted (secured) from one device to another and hence the conversation will not be accessed by anyone other than the sender and to its intended receiver.

The Facebook’s new encryption is known as “Secret Conversation”.

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How To Enable End-To-End Encryption

You must know that current messages are not encrypted. You have to start a new message in order to enable this new feature. You should also note that encrypted conversations are not available through Facebook, the feature is only available within the facebook messenger app on Android and IOS. The reason behind these secret messages is not available in Facebook because it is likely an opt-in option rather if an opt-out, forcing the encryption would create issues for those who are using the web-based messaging capabilities of Facebook.

Enabling end-to-end encryption is (Secret Conversation) is easy. There are two simple ways:

1St Way

To enable End-To-End encryption in conversation follow the below steps:


  • Enter into Messenger conversation
  • On the upper left side of the screen you can see the circle with an “I”, just tap on it
  • Now from the Setting Menu select Secret Conversation and then the popup will ask you to “Turn on Secret Conversations
  • Select Turn On

2nd Way

The second way to start a Secret Conversion can be done from Home Screen of Messenger app:

  1. Open Facebook messenger App
  2. Tap the plus symbol
  3. Tap the lock icon
  4. Select the person you want to send message

By following any of the option, your conversation is secured and protected by end-to-end encryption. Also note that you have to enable this option for every conversation or else your messages will not be encrypted.

Advantages of Secret Conversations over Messenger Conversation

Timer Setting

With the use of Secret Conversation’s Timer option you can make your messages more protected. While you write a message tap on the clock icon in the text box and select how long you would like your messages to last.


You have the option to set a time range from 1 Day to 5 Seconds. When the time range gets over then the messages gets deleted by themselves and disappears.

Delete Secret Conversations

You also have the option to delete the secret conversation manually if you don’t want to set a timer. Also, there is no option to Turn OFF Secret Conversations. The only option is to delete the conversation thread and start a new conversation.

Steps to delete a Secret Conversation:

  • Tap the person’s icon
  • Click on Secret Conversations
  • Click Delete Secret Conversations and then click on Delete All

Another useful feature of end-to-end encryption (or Secret Conversation) is that the notification does not display who sent the messages, instead it display “someone sent you a message” on your Phone’s home screen:


Disadvantages of Secret Conversations over Messenger Conversation

There is also some limitation when you enable Secret Conversations, you can send the encrypted messages using the device you used to Turn ON the encryption option. If you want to chat with same person using this option but from different device, then you will need to start a new Secret Conversation.

Further, encryption feature does not work for everything. You can send text messages, photos and stickers but you can’t send GIFs, videos, voice messages, video calling or make payments.

For More Information you can check out – https://www.facebook.com/help/messenger-app/1084673321594605