Beware Of Facebook Color Changer App Malware!


Do you have ever encountered the Facebook Color Change App? Or have you tried before to change the color scheme of your Facebook profile? If you are not aware of this change then be aware that this is a new type of malware which hackers has made to attack all the Facebook users. The current report has indicated that this new type of scam has already infected 10,000 Facebook users and make them fooled and has infected their systems.

This Facebook Color Changer App is a nasty virus which fools users by offering 9 different theme colors on the social media website. When users see this app, it forces the users to download this app and after they download this color change app, they are redirected to a phishing website and after that malware enter into your system. This infection varies for desktop and android users. After downloading this app, Facebook users try to use the scam to change the color theme of their profile and in between the Facebook can be hacked in two ways.

Those users who are redirected to the phishing site, they are offered a video to watch on how to use the color changer app. When users hit on the link to watch the video then hackers get the access to the users Facebook account and they connect to the users friends. If the user denies watching this video then it offers to download the app which is a porn video player and this is malicious software. Those users who are using Android version they can also get affected by this nasty software. Android users are forced to install this malware on their device by a giving them a warning message and they inform to download them an antivirus app.

This malware is dangerous as it starts his attacking by advertising an app which usually tells Facebook users that they will change the theme color of the profile. With this color change app, you will be transferred to a malicious phishing website. The website generally targets users by stealing the access Tokens of Facebook users by asking them to look over the color changer video tutorial. If you have temporary access to the tokens allows hackers to attach Facebook friends of the users.

You will find two new hacking attempts on the Facebook horizon and among all of them, the most important thing to remember is that many scams seems similar so it is recommended to aware of the existing scams.

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