Best Ways To Recognize And Report Phishing Scams

Best Ways To Recognize And Report Phishing Scams

Today in the vast technology era there is no limit of scam just like that one of the most popular scam nowadays is Phishing scam which is an attempt done by fraud persons in order to gather confidential information of victim’s financial and other crucial via mail, text message. Here the objective is to assemble all the information by requesting orally over phone or by sending irrelevant emails which gives hint to recipients to enter the confidential information in fake websites which seems to be the legitimate one. Everyday countless phishing email are sent to innocent victims in the entire world. It’s totally up to you that how can you differentiate between legal message and a phishing messages. Well there are not any specific technique to identify this phishing but something are there which needs to be considered to know about phishing.

How to recognize phishing scams?

To recognize phishing scam it’s very important for you to be aware of the latest scams and how to avoid them. If you get the idea of how to identify such scams then it doesn’t matter how much harmful way or technique uses by the crooks. Here are some signs that help you to identify such scams.

  • Convince user by taking some recent news of disaster and to donate to its charitable trust
  • It will pop-up messages of closing account.
  • Always tries to deal with those which sounds very much true
  • If you read carefully, you will notice that with bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

How to Deal with Phishing Scams?

There are several ways to trick with the phishing scams but it’s completely up to you that how to protect your PC from such scam attacks. Well some of the ways to handle phishing scam are as follows:

You must need to avoid all the text messages and emails that were asking you to feed your confidential information like bank account number, credit card number etc. remember one thing that any legitimate companies never asks your confidential information through email or text  messages. Well it tries to look legitimate as similar like a company you work with. Never do click over the links given on emails or in text messages. As clicking on it will take you to some other malicious website which looks reals one but their main intention is to steal information of user. Stealing confidential information users will lead to some severe crime.

Even the scammers also uses phone calls to know about your private confidential information. They asks you to call to update your account with an area code but you needs to be sure that the area code is really a local one or the fake one.

How to report a scam?

If you have already caught in such scam then to report a scam you can use Microsoft tools.

Internet Explorer- in the internet explorer, when you are on the malicious website then hit on the gear icon and point to safety. After that hit on Report Unsafe Website and to report the site use the webpage which is displayed.

For If you receive any message on your email that asks for personal information, then for such spam messages, make a simple click on the check box which is just next to the message in your inbox. After then hit the arrow next to junk and after that point to phishing scam.

In Microsoft office outlook 2010 and 2013, you have to click on the malicious message, then point to junk and hit on report junk.

What to do when you become a victim of a phishing scam?

If you are not so sure about that whether you have become the victim of phishing scam then you need to follow these helpful steps that will surely help you to get trapped from such phishing scam victim.

  • If you think your online accounts are hacked then immediately change the password.
  • Never follow the link on the mail you have received rather contact the bank directly
  • Regularly check the credit card statements and bank details for unwanted charges which you have not done
  • If you are not sure of any account and have doubt that it is used for fake works then close it.

Hopefully all these prevention tips will surely going to help you to be safe from phishing scam.