Best Computer Security Tips to Protect from Malware


Nowadays as users are using their computer on daily basis in a wide range, in the same way they are becoming more vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. This situation can really affect the entire computer system and it does not matter whether you are using Windows, Mac OS or Linux and is similar to smartphone as well. Generally computer security is one of the important issue for those who surf internet. The computer which is connected to internet has a wide chance of infection by viruses, malware, spyware, nasty malware and hackers which can completely make the system vulnerable, hence important data and files are lost.

One problem is common with many of them is that they don’t know how to secure their system and if some of them know, they don’t take interest in securing their computer system. One should know about computer security and should apply it so that no infection can enter the system. Well some of the steps are mentioned in this article which can clearly help you to avoid any type of infection and protect your system, stored data in it along with private information. Following the steps will help your system from any malware, virus, and thieves or from hackers and your system will be secure.

Install anti-virus software

Always try to install an anti-virus software which is good for system and run it on your computer. Installing antivirus software is not enough but actually required is good software that can protect your system from any type of threats.

Best security via web browser

If you are using web browsers like Internet Explorer then you should know that it is full of security risks and in that case, Firefox will be better choice for you. Well for Firefox, there are few security options which you should know:

  1. First go to tools and choose options
  2. Now select Security tab
  3. After that select the following options in security window
    • Warn me when sites try to install add ons
    • Tell me if the site I am visiting is a suspected attack site
    • Tell me if the site I am visiting is a suspected forgery

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Computer administration protection

You may know that windows operating system let you to create different users like guests using the system in administrator mode. Using this process will help you to avoid from logging in as administrator and this makes your system more secure in all the crucial areas. Therefore you can create one guest user and browse easily with that user and this will make your entire system completely secure.


Always keep your password safe and difficult to guess

You should always create a password which is difficult to guess and at the same time it should be safe. This is because you don’t know while visiting the site which is safe and how they store your password. So it will be better that you use different types of password for each sites and this will make you secure. Even never share your password to any person neither to any other via any means.

Firewall protection

Firewall is one of the helpful software which completely keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. It helps to block any type of threats and hackers from accessing the system. Windows have a default firewall which you can enable otherwise there are several free one for extra protection which can also be used.

Always be careful of shareware

Shareware can be harmful as it refers to free programs or software that is downloaded from several websites. This can be harmful because lots of malicious programs are bundled with these free software which is not seen and gets installed into the system. So always be attentive when you download anything especially when you get offers.

Unknown email attachments

There are several ways by which your system gets infected and email is one of them. You may have read about 5 ways to secure Gmail account previously. Several virus enters through email when attachments are opened. So it’s better that you don’t open any email that is sent to you by unknown sender. Though you have security but still no need to take risk as virus can mess with your system very easily without your knowledge.


All the above mentioned steps are essential to follow if you want your system to keep secure. Though there are many other things which you can do to protect yours system but make sure you follow the security steps. If not then you can use SpyHunter to remove any type of infection from your system and make your system virus free.