Basic Security Advice for the Workplace


Nowadays threats from hackers are so much in rise that whatever possibilities are there to secure computer system seems nothing. In this world of computers and technology, preventing computer from hackers or from some other threats is very much important. Everyday new viruses are made and users are unaware of such malwares. Mostly vulnerabilities are in their emails and smartphones. In fact there are other ways by which malware attacks the system and that is through internet and its popular service web.

However users should pay attention what they are installing into their system and should be careful of other malware to get installed. Well if users still don’t know how to protect their computer from any type of threats then now they can pay attention in this article to know the latest ways to prevent from any type of computer threats which is easy to follow and in this way the entire PC would be safe from installing any type of third parties. So go through them and apply on your daily activities to secure your system.

Solve the popular software first

Generally what hackers want from you is the essential data stored on your system from which they can get revenue, all in whole their main intention is to gain money illegally online. Though the way is different but they concentrate exploiting on all popular program because they need all those which can help them to generate revenue. The main way is through unpatched software. This is very much popular among everyone and so exploit is in the software as it changes over time. The software does not change and this makes hackers an easy way to enter into the PC.

strong-passwordAlways try to have good password management

It is always instructed to have a powerful password so that your account cannot be hacked by hackers. Though password management is not difficult but many users reuse the same password just taking shortcuts. But one should practice password management so that your account won’t get compromised and at the same time creating strong password will remind to update passwords periodically. Always create long passwords by using mix characters as this makes hackers difficult to recognize password.

Be attentive of P2P files

You should know that the developers of virus love peer-to-peer file sharing technique. They just give an attractive name to their virus which users download and install them into the PC. After installing it into the system, changes lots of applications and therefore it is very important to use any anti-virus software to get rid of such virus and to eliminate it, we recommend to use SpyHunter Anti-malware.

Always use mobile devices safely

Nowadays everyone is busy on their smartphones and in fact many does important task from their smartphones. Though it create an easy way to do everything but it can lead to many harmful actions and so it becomes important to protect your device from any type of malware attacks. Some of the tips which one should follow are:

  • Always lock your device with password
  • Never hit on any unwanted links or texts you receive
  • Install apps from trusted sources only
  • Don’t store your personal information on the device
  • Always update your device’s operating system


Benefits of using two-factor authentication

2FA or two factor authentication’s effectiveness depends on risks which users think modifying. It is effective as it cannot stop todays advanced persistent threats which already have full control on your system but it can be helpful in avoiding phishing attacks. Well if you allow 2FA to logon company’s resources then no username and password would be stolen. This can be a great way to prevent your PC from any kind of attacks.

Some extra advice to keep PC safe and secure online

However though users pay attention to protect their system but still hackers create some ways to enter into the system. So users also move forward without failing to protect the system from any type of malware attacks. Some of the extra things that user can do to prevent attacks of viruses are:

  • Enable firewall- You should know that firewalls are the part of Windows and Mac operating system which enabling can protect the entire PC from any type of external attacks. This should be enabled by every user as this is built-in application useful for protecting attacks.
  • Always track your online accounts for suspicious activity
  • If you are using public wireless hot-spots then use it carefully as many times malware attacks are from wireless hot-spots.
  • Pay attention while you share anything on social networking sites
  • Even be careful what you plug-in to your computer