7 Telltale Signs Your Website Was Compromised

tips to know your website hacked

If your website is hacked by super talented hacker, then the scary truth is that nobody could tell or know about that your website has been hacked at all. However, most of the attackers are not super-talented, not in the sense we are talking about.  Most of the hackers uses the same older version, for profit exploit packs designed and therefore anybody without having enough talent can use them and like other, they also make mistakes.

Well, if your site has been compromised, then here are 8 tell-tale sign mentioned below that will help you to identify that your site has been hacked.

1. Red Screen of Death, Alert from Your Browser


Your browser itself will alert the first sign and it will alert the site owners that their website has been compromised. If you get red screen when you try to visit your website then it means that some kind of malware has infected your site and it needs to be cleaned deeply.

2 – Your Site Will Get Disappears

hacked 3

If you get white screen with the message “Oops! Google Chrome could not find your website (website URL), then it may have been hacked. Or it could be that your site administrator still modifying your site and it’s not completed yet.  So, you must check with your site administrator or web designer and double check whether your domain has not expired.

3 – Your Site Will Loads Slowly or Crashes


Slow loading of website is also another sign that often indicate that your site has been hacked. Hackers uses your site to send spam emails and it may slow down your entire server and other sites hosted on it.

4 – Your Site get Redirected to Another Website

When your hackers hacked your site then they get complete control of your site and they may re-direct your site another site. They insert redirect code in. So, this is another sign to identify hacked site.

5 – You Find Unrelated Products/Links References All Over the Site

You may notice words or links that you have not added in your website for irrelevant products. These links are placed in stealth mode by the cyber criminals that you are unaware of it. Sometimes these links are different language.

6 – Admin and Public Section of your Site Look Same


Another sign that will inform you that your site has been hacked is that your admin and public section of your site looks same. This hacking usually comes with some clever additions promoting the hackers drugs of choice.

7 – Strange Code Fragments Displayed at the Top or Bottom of Your Website

You may see some weird code listed at the bottom or at top of your site. The hackers may not be so super talented, they make mistake, and they could leave unfinished code and thereby you can see the strange code on your site.

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Since, hackers have become very talented but not so talented and they could make mistake. So, these are some important and helpful sign that will help your to detect and identify whether your site has been hacked or not.