5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch In 2016

cyber security in 2016

As New Year has already is in progress, we must also not ignore the growth and increase of cyber security threat in the year 2016. As per report from Ponemon Institute and IBM it has been seen that average cost of data breach at $3.79 has been taken place in the year 2015 and this figure is going to  increase as per the security experts.

So, what are the security plans you are going to follow in 2016 so that you reduce the chances of falling victim to cyber hackers? Well, below find out the five popular trends in cybersecurity to watch in 2016 that you must keep in mind while updating your security plan for 2016.

1 – Identified Vulnerabilities

The report from HP’s 2015 Cyber Risk has shown that 44% of 2014 breaches were due to vulnerabilities that was 2-4 years older. There are lots of software that has integrated vulnerability and they are software that are very popular and therefore these software that has several integrated software packages will make more business. But you should keep the vulnerability in your mind.

The recognized vulnerabilities are actually the biggest threat. Therefore you must keep your software updated, must patched up your software regularly and you will also need expertise to prevent common misconfiguration that welcome attacker to attack your PC in an easy way.

2 – Spear Phishing

Cyber Criminals always look for an easy and least resistance way to gain access to your important data. They do not send any clever piece of code or the keys but they traps the users by simply tricking them. Phishing attacks are the easiest way to trap users. Cyber criminal send the emails to the users as official looking websites and messages or conversation that actually come from the trusted source, in order to gain access to your system.

The cybercriminal looks to hack high level execs those who have security clearance. If anyhow they are able to hack CEO’s account, then they can easily get lots of sensitive data of several employee and customers and they can create havoc. In this case you will require a real time monitoring and scanning software along with blocking spear phishing emails. However, you must also educate your employee about the danger and threats.

3 – Cloud Services

These days more and more work and data are stored in the cloud, and therefore even IT department may lose oversight and control. Employee are getting bypass to get services that they want and due to this there is a real danger as they are increasing the chances for hackers to bypass security protocols and gain system data as well.

In this case your IT department should have full control and visibility of cloud service data. Even your cloud vendors should examine the ongoing process. Do you know on whose hand your data is and where it resides? Does your cloud vendors guarantee about the complete data protection. Just don’t simply trust them because if they fail then your data are in risk. You must test your vendors and verify them for your data safety.

4 – Ransomware

The ranosmware was there and it is going to be there and it is not going anywhere. As per the Cyber Threat Alliance report, the recent CyrptoWall v3 ransomware has affected thousands of users across the world and has looted more than $325 million. Ransomware is a kind of threat that when it infect your PC it encrypts your data and PC and demand for a ransom amount that you need to pay in order access your computer and data.

To avoid this case, you need a proper security education and also real-time protection software or you must keep backup of your files and data top avoid paying ransom.

5 – The Internet of Things

The increase of mobile and wearables devices has been noticed since past few years and cybercriminal too. They have been looking to target mobile users now to hack user’s data. Since internet is such as thing that spreads connectivity to every corner of the world and therefore it becomes more difficult to maintain the entry and exit point of data flow.

In this case if you are saving any data online then you must encrypt it and then save it, access should be limited. (Also read – Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Your Online Accounts From Being Hacked)


If you do not want to get infected with the above mentioned cyber threats then make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above to avoid those threats and then you can expect to enjoy success in 2016.